Rokimi Gusion’s BarberShop
This is the story of Gusion being a hairtylist and meeting dangerous apfoes as he meets his friend, Alucard along the journey.
About the powers of sleeping.
Supersam362 The Paladin Order Reformed
Christian is an orphan raised from birth by a the Paladin Order. He trains hard to become someone worthy of wearing the title \"Paladin Knight\". He becomes exceptionally strong and quickly rises through the ranks of the Order. But after slaying countless demons, beastmen and other's, he becomes emotionally numb to cope with the countless lives he's taken. This is until he saves a beast girl from...
Tybabs All It Takes Is One Night
Katie Song is a beautiful CEO of a small clothing line, but what happens after her night of fun with the strange man secrets and adoption. Read how she finds love and also unlocks the secret of her life. she has to find out who her real parents her and fit it in to the world of the rich
MoonChasingSun My Planet System : Celestial's Conquest
An ordinary student who was at the end of his ropes , had an a encounter with a meteor forming a bee line to his heart while he lost conscious. who then awakens to a stiff robotic voice on a strange but small planet [ Host acquired Scanning host Minimum Conditions meet Initiating my planet system ] [ welcome to my planet system , host]