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The Anarchic Consort

Author: Warring Young Seven

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Updated: 2021-10-01 21:38:44

Latest chapter: 1270 The New Recruit 1

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《The Anarchic Consort》Latest chapter
1270 The New Recruit 1
1269 After Parting Ways
1268 Affection
1267 Get Stronger to Meet Her
1266 Tricks
1265 Take Ajiu Home
1264 If He Still Doesn't Confess, Ajiu Is Leaving
1263 The Person I Like
1262 Bai Zhun's Regre
1261 Turning on One Another, What an Embarrassmen
1260 The Gu Family
1259 The Embarrassed Gu Rou
《The Anarchic Consort》' main text
1270 The New Recruit 1
1269 After Parting Ways
1268 Affection
1267 Get Stronger to Meet Her
1266 Tricks
1265 Take Ajiu Home
1264 If He Still Doesn't Confess, Ajiu Is Leaving
1263 The Person I Like
1262 Bai Zhun's Regre
1261 Turning on One Another, What an Embarrassmen
1260 The Gu Family
1259 The Embarrassed Gu Rou
1258 Teach the Gu Family a Lesson
1257 Non-Stop Face-Smacking for Bai Zhun
1256 A Smack in the Face
1255 The Whole Family
1254 A Slap to the Face 2
1253 A Slap to the Face 1
1252 The Face Slapping Begins
1251 The Elder Brother, Qing Chen, Was Furious!
1250 Ajiu Was Arguably Not Presentable
1249 After All, You’re Bai Zhun’s Younger Sister
1248 Bailie Shangxie Also Showed Up
1247 I Want to Attend the Birthday Party
1246 Ajiu Was With Helian Qingchen
1245 The Birthday Party Begins
1244 It Was Time to Let Certain People Know
1243 His Highness Meets 2
1242 His Highness Meets 1
1241 Little Ajiu is an Orphan?
1240 Gu Cheng Provoking Qing Chen
1239 Bai Zhun's Disappointmen
1238 The Best Lookers of the School Should Be Together
1237 Second Brother, I Want to Sleep with You Tomorrow
1236 Bring Breakfast to Her Brother 2
1235 Bring Breakfast to Her Brother 1
1234 She’s Causing Trouble Without Reason?
1233 She Began to Be Polite to Him
1232 Taking Photos with Me
1231 Bringing His Younger Sister to the Supermarke
1230 My Brother Came Late 2
1229 My Brother Came Late 1
1228 Adopted
1227 Take On
1226 Brother and Sister 2
1225 Brother And Sister Meeting 1
1224 There Was Estrangement Precisely Because One Had Grown Up
1223 Transfer Student Helian Qingchen
1222 Ajiu Took the Initiative to Kiss Him
1221 Bai Zhun Buys Sanitary Napkins
1220 Wants to be Carried
1219 Willing to Be a Substitute
1218 Making People Uneasy
1217 Is This How You Like I
1216 Was She a Third Wheel
1215 An Adorable Creature
1214 Sleep with Ajiu
1213 How Could Different People Be Together
1212 Chief Bai Taught Ajiu How to Cook
1211 Uninvited Gues
1210 You’re Hiding Something
1209 Even Though They Lived Together, There Was Still a Difference 2
1208 Even Though They Lived Together, There Was Still a Difference 1
1207 Ajiu Knows What Nightclubs Are
1206 The Beginning of Love
1205 Puberty Hits
1204 She Had Grown Up
1203 Six Years Later
1202 Six Years Later
1201 Wei Wei Appeared
1200 Bai Zhun Arrived
1199 Little Ajiu Gets Injured
1198 Ajiu, Ajiu
1197 Bai Zhun Becomes Anxious
1196 Ajiu's Journey
1195 Little Ajiu Leaves On Her Own
1194 Master Bai Was Drunk
1193 The Cute Ajiu
1192 Aren’t You Going Home?
1191 Feeling Sorry for Ajiu
1190 Lord Bai’s Abnormality
1189 Always Like
1188 Little Ajiu Wants to Write A Comment for Shangxie
1187 I Am Ajiu's Biological Brother
1186 Reputation in Tatters
1185 Shangxie Starts His Face Slapping
1184 The Devil Strikes 2
1183 The Appearance of Shangxie 1
1182 Ruan Xin Was Afraid
1181 The Bai Family
1180 Networking
1179 Relying on Her Status as a Celebrity
1178 Someone Is Courting Death
1177 Bai Zhun Is Furious
1176 Little Ajiu Makes a Move
1175 Yan Qin Looks for Ajiu
1174 Young Master Bai Was Furious
1173 Ajiu Rejects Bai Zhun
1172 Started to Pick on Him
1171 Young Master Bai Is Jealous
1170 Girlfriend?
1169 Growing Up
1168 Getting a Girlfriend
1167 Lord Bai’s Black Belly
1166 Bai Zhun’s Love Letter
1165 Bringing Ajiu to School
1164 His Highness Appeared
1163 Little Ajiu Met up with Her Brother
1162 Weiwei Appeared
1161 Little Baldy
1160 Face-smacked Mrs. Lin
1159 I Kneel for My Brother
1158 Courting Death
1157 Young Master Bai Was Furious
1156 Humiliating Ajiu
1155 Wanted to Bully Ajiu
1154 Master Bai’s Heart Ached
1153 No More Sleeping Together
1152 Child Marriage
1151 What Should I Do? Send Her Away?
1150 It Was Discovered That It Was a Girl
1149 Ajiu Saw Baili Shangxie
1148 Bought Clothes With Ajiu
1147 Both of Them Slept Together
1146 Let Your Brother Wash You?
1145 Young Master Bai Taught the Child to Write
1144 Young Master Bai Starts Thinking About Education
1143 I'll Protect My Child
1142 Beaten by Ajiu
1141 Make Ajiu Know Her Place
1140 I'm Going to Get Food For My Brother
1139 The Two Children Began to Live Together
1138 Little Brother
1137 I’ll Take You to Meet the Fated Person
1136 Four years later, the little princess
1135 Has Always Been True Love
1134 His Highness Accompanied Vivi..
1133 The Child’s Fated Person
1132 His Highness’gentle Kiss
1131 I’m the Only One Who Can Bully My Wife
1130 His Highness Is Very Handsome. She Is My Burden
1129 Humans and Demons Are Different. The Two of You Should Not Be Together
1128 The Devil Made His Move
1127 Baili Jiajue Appeared
1126 The Exorcist Found the Villa
1125 A Family Discussion on Prenatal Education
1124 Husband and Wife's Daily Routine, Helping the Young Prince Gain Popularity
1123 This Child Has The Fate of Buddha
1122 His Highness’proposal
1121 Swee
1120 Registering for Marriage
1119 Seeing Weiwei After Work
1118 Weiwei Is Pregnan
1117 Weiwei's Kiss
1116 Evil Prince
1115 His Highness Made his Move!
1114 Evidence and a Cool Weiwei
1113 Weiwei Unravels the Mystery Beautifully
1112 Murder and a Face Change
1111 Weiwei Solves the Final Mystery
1110 Weiwei Was Not Trusted
1109 Slapping Master Zhang in the Face
1108 His Highness Teases Helian Weiwei
1107 Weiwei Was Ridiculed?
1106 Weiwei Was Called a Liar
1105 Something Is Going to Happen
1104 Everyone Has a Secre
1103 The Murderer Is Among Us
1102 His Highness Is Jealous
1101 Smell of Crime
1100 His Highness' Indulgence
1099 The Mischievous Baili Jiajue
1098 Your Highness, Weiwei Is in Danger
1097 Tacit Understanding Between the Two of Them
1096 His Highness in Military Uniform
1095 Charismatic Weiwei
1094 Never Talk About Separation Again
1093 Indulgence to the Core
1092 Oh No!
1091 Chapter One Thousand and eighty-seven. The two of them reconciled and were in love
1090 Locked Him Down
1089 Operation Get His Highness Drunk
1088 The Handcuffs Are Ready
1087 Weiwei's Plan
1086 The Other Murderer
1085 Helian Weiwei Concludes the Case Handsomely
1084 Tsk, Who Says I Have No Evidence
1083 The Order Is Still in Effec
1082 The Venomous-tongued Baili Jiajue Protects Weiwei
1081 Found the Murderer
1080 She Actually Saw the Murderer
1079 What Was Being Hidden
1078 His Highness Teases Weiwei
1077 Unexpected
1076 My Master Would Be Jealous
1075 His Highness Is So Cool
1074 Someone Was Hiding a Secre
1073 Not a Coincidence
1072 Approaching the Truth
1071 Clever Weiwei
1070 The Cool Baili Jiajue
1069 One More Time
1068 Cause and Effec
1067 Looked Down Upon by Others
1066 Distance From the Master
1065 The Secret to Peace
1064 Trying to Get Baili Jiajue Drunk
1063 Bored with Her?
1062 I Really, Really Want I
1061 Scheming Against You
1060 His Highness and Elder Yue
1059 His Highness Is Missing
1058 1054
1057 The Meeting After She Regained Consciousness
1056 Do Not Expect To Ever See Her Again
1055 Touch Her To His Heart’s Conten
1054 Please Bring Her Back
1053 He Resented Himself
1052 Foolish Enough
1051 I Don’t Like You Anymore
1050 His Highness Was Secretly Unhappy
1049 I Regretted I
1048 Loving Too Deeply Would Only Hurt Yourself
1047 A Person’s Love
1046 Obsession
1045 I Knew All About Your Body
1044 The Demon's Possessiveness
1043 His Highness Was Malevolen
1042 His Highness Was Adorable
1041 His Highness’ Wet Dream
1040 Wei Wei And His Highness Took An Afternoon Nap
1039 Old Thing
1038 Raised By His Highness
1037 Karma In Life
1036 Wei Wei Was Never Kind
1035 Who, Who Are You
1034 God Was On My Side
1033 The Reason Of The Hostile Ghosts’ Existence
1032 His Highness' Meticulous Breeding
1031 Yes, My Master
1030 Wei Wei’s Shop
1029 His Highness’ Thoughts
1028 Bringing Wei Wei Along to The Company
1027 Wei Wei’s Changes
1026 In Relation To Soul Extraction
1025 Spiritual Aura Weakened
1024 1020
1023 Helian Wei Wei Awakened
1022 His Highness
1021 Soul
1020 Being Spoiled By His Highness
1019 Wei Wei’s Wish
1018 The Devouring and Wishes
1017 The Danger
1016 A Sudden Change
1015 His Highness Cooking
1014 My Soul
1013 Incoming Enemy
1012 Betrayal?
1011 Trapped
1010 A Test From His Highness
1009 His Highness Woke Up
1008 Unless A Feigned Corpse
1007 Taking Him Away
1006 Damage
1005 Life And Death Together
1004 His Highness Was Demonized?
1003 An Accident Happened
1002 A Family Of Four At the Supermarke
1001 His Highness Being Coquettish
1000 His Highness Made An Announcemen
999 No Matter What, I Will Protect Him
998 His Highness
997 Announcing A Personal Affair
996 Let’s Discuss How Malevolent His Highness Was
995 Violence Brought About By Time And Space
994 How His Highness Defeated His Love Rival
993 A Scheming Prince Discovered His Love Rival
992 When His Highness Met His Love Rival
991 Do Not Underestimate Someone With A Brother Complex
990 Beat You Up!
989 Bullying My Little Brother?
988 The Father And Son’s Joint Retaliation
987 His Highness’ Retaliation Part 1
986 The Ultimate Slap In The Face
985 Third Step To Losing One’s Reputation
984 Class Reunion: Second Step To Losing One’s Reputation
983 Class Reunion: First Step To Losing One’s Reputation
982 Class Reunion: Hold Your Tongue If You Don’t Know His Highness
981 Class Reunion: Do You Really Know Chairman Jue?
980 Class Reunion: Starting To Lose One’s Reputation
979 Class Reunion: His Highness Showed Up
978 Class Reunion: Dad, Someone Had A Crush On Mom
977 Class Reunion, Real Boyfriend?
976 Class Reunion, Father And I Are Coming
975 Class Reunion, Introducing Someone To Wei Wei
974 Class Reunion Part 10: Mocking Wei Wei?
973 Class Reunion Part 9: Announcing That He Was Married
972 Class Reunion, His Highness Announced That...
971 Class Reunion, His Highness Saw The Wecha
970 Class Reunion Part 6: Blind Date
969 Class Reunion Part 5: Lowly Mechanic
968 Class Reunion Part 4: Flaunting Her English
967 Class Reunion Part 3: You Are Fired
966 Class Reunion Part 2
965 Class Reunion Part 1
964 Do You Want Me To Attend The Reunion With You?
963 959
962 Before The Gathering
961 The Scum Of The Earth
960 The Everyday Life Of Father And Sons Before Encountering A Scum
959 I Love You This Much
958 Stay By My Side
957 Selling Your Soul To Me
956 His Highness’ Malevolence and Jealousy
955 Truly A Slap In The Face
954 A Slap Of Regret In The Face
953 His Highness Launched His Attack
952 So-Called Malevolence
951 Threatening His Highness
950 Continued Getting Slapped In The Face
949 First Step Of Getting Slapped In The Face
948 His Highness Was A Pauper?
947 I Want You
946 Agreeing To The Class Reunion
945 Embarrassing Wei Wei
944 His Highness, Her Husband
943 Trap
942 Messing With Wei Wei
941 To Take Advantage Of Wei Wei
940 936
939 Her Highness Wei Wei
938 To Live Together
937 His Highness’ Malevolence
936 A Family Of Four
935 A Domineering Kiss From His Highness
934 930
933 His Highness Proclaims His Domination
932 A Loving Beginning
931 Young Master Tang
930 926
929 His Highness Took Action
928 924
927 His Highness And Shangxie
926 A Tight Slap In The Face
925 921
924 Action, The First Step To Embarrassmen
923 Your Highness, Table Manners...
922 This Was Their Feelings Of Resentmen
921 His Highness’ Proved Someone Wrong
920 Teasing Wei Wei
919 Reunion
918 914
917 The Plane That Landed On The Train
916 It Began With A Smack In The Face
915 His Arrival
914 His Highness
913 A Stunning Beginning
912 Why Did He Look Like The Boss?
911 907
910 Wei Wei Was Cool
909 905
908 This Is What You Get From Messing With The Kids
907 Looking Down On Wei Wei
906 Baili Jia Jue
905 The Reunion Of Mother And The Child
904 900
903 Someone Is Out To Kill The Kids, Wei Wei
902 Imperial Father Came Too
901 Wei Wei, A Conversation Between Mother And Child
900 Brothers, Wei Wei Is Coming
899 895
898 The Terrified Human Traffickers
897 Someone Was Running Out Of Luck
896 The Other Kid That Was Kidnapped
895 The Return of The Ghost!
894 The Kidnappers Would Be In Big Trouble
893 The Two Brothers’ Thoughts
892 The Little One Was Targeted
891 Wei Wei’s Forces Had Reawakened
890 Something Happened At The Kindergarten
889 Wei Wei
888 The Little One Was Not Someone To Be Trifled With
887 The Chocolate Cake
886 The Brothers Reunited
885 A Country Bumpkin?
884 The Cool Mother And Son
883 Little Baby Qingchen
882 Passing Through
881 Ripping Space And Time Apar
880 Break Out Completely
879 Two Babies
878 Wei Wei And The Baby
877 His Highness Looking For Someone
876 His Highness Who Was Devastated
875 The Insanity Of His Highness
874 The Birth Of Two Babies
873 The Baby Was Born
872 In Love
871 Learning To Take Care Of The Babies
870 Phoenix
869 865
868 Wei Wei And His Highness Putting On Facial Masks Together
867 Clear Howl Of The Phoenix
866 862
865 His Highness’ Powerful Slap In the Face
864 Disregarding His Highness
863 A Handsome Kill
862 858
861 His Highness’ Jealousy
860 Wei Wei Had Arrived
859 The Honored Sir Started To Regre
858 Massacre In Buddhism
857 Taking Vengeance
856 HIs Highness’ Domineering Attitude
855 The Phoenix’s Return!
854 850
853 849
852 A Slap In The Face Part 1
851 847-2
850 846-2
849 Her Highness Wei Wei
848 Returning To Exorcist City
847 The Reincarnation Of Phoenix
846 Killing Golden Lotus
845 Phoenix’s Exi
844 Well, Transformed Into A Demon
843 The Beginning Of The Descend From Heaven Part 1
842 Searching For The Magical Mirror
841 Phoenix Placed Under House Arres
840 Totally Over
839 The Emperor and Phoenix
838 She Was The One And Only Phoenix
837 We’re Over
836 Phoenix Wanted To Break Up
835 Drew Out The Dharma Bone
834 A Game
833 A Magical Mirror For You
832 Sweetness Overload
831 Let's Be Together For Real
830 Kissing In Public
829 His Highness Was Left Behind
828 Get It Once And For All
827 Winner Takes All, Place Your Be
826 The Unavoidable, Food
825 To Get Her
824 Phoenix Doesn’t Like You
823 Love Always Began With Destruction
822 They Kissed!
821 Sleeping Together
820 Your Happiness Mattered The Mos
819 The Malevolent Emperor, Doing All The Things At The Same Time
818 Come And Stay At My Place Tonigh
817 They Got Together
816 His Highness’ Proposal
815 The Beginning Of A Close Relationship
814 He Wanted Her
813 The Starting Prelude
812 They Fough
811 The Beginning Of His Highness And Wei Wei's Relationship
810 The Reincarnated Phoenix
809 Who Was The One Being Overconfiden
808 Wei Wei’s Wisdom
807 Knowing That Wei Wei Was The Phoenix Girl
806 His Highness’ Divine Consciousness
805 The Recovery of Wei Wei’s Spiritual Aura
804 The First Step To Counter-attack
803 Lockdown And The Blitz
802 The Ever Controlling Prince
801 Convincing His Highness
800 Locking Her Up
799 A Buddha In Her Past Life
798 Demonizing His Highness
797 Karma From Past Life
796 Swallowing The Sarira
795 Acquiring The Sarira
794 The Reversal Of Life And Death, Reincarnation
793 Total Revelation
792 798
791 Torturing Ni Feng Pestilently
790 Ni Feng Exposed
789 Torturing Ni Feng
788 Your Highness' Eerie Gracefulness
787 Ni Biao Was Tormented
786 The Desire Of Ni Biao To Challenge His Highness
785 A Slap In The Face
784 Helian Wei Wei Approaching The Truth
783 Helian Wei Wei's First Discovery Of The Truth
782 A Demon’s Gentleness
781 His Highness’ Submission
780 Wei Wei Made Right Guess Of The Babies
779 She Was My Prey, You Should Not Even Think About I
778 The Spider’s Regre
777 Superhuman Baby Beating The Spider Up
776 Wei Wei In Danger!
775 Wei Wei Was In Danger
774 The Scheme
773 Wei Wei And His Janus-faced Highness
772 Facing A Difficult Problem
771 Spider Silk
770 Wei Wei’s Counterattack Part 2: Speculation
769 Wei Wei’s Brilliant Counterattack Part 1
768 The Shameless Ni Feng Before Her Embarrassmen
767 The Astonishing Reasoning Of Helian Wei Wei Part 2
766 The Astonishing Reasoning Of Helian Wei Wei Part 1
765 The Smug Father And Daughter Of The Ni Family Before Their Embarrassmen
764 Wei Wei, the Encyclopedia!
763 To See In A New Ligh
762 Good Elder Fetus
761 How Shameless
760 His Highness Was Terrifyingly Cool!
759 Mistaken For The Phoenix Girl
758 Looking For Trouble
757 His Highness’ Cool Slap In The Face
756 Looking Down On The Third Prince?
755 Imitating As The Phoenix Girl
754 Dreamed Of The Phoenix Girl
753 The Previous Life Of The Two
752 Tables Were Turned While Entering The Tomb
751 Arrogan
750 The First Step Of Wei Wei’s Vengeance!
749 The Ultimate Humiliation
748 Humiliation In Process!
747 The Beginning Of Getting Humiliated!
746 The Father And Son Of The Ni Family Were Causing Trouble Again!
745 Magical Being, Getting Humiliated Again
744 Get Humiliated For Ridiculing His Highness
743 Continuation Of Humiliation And The Desire To Throw Money At Wei Wei
742 The Third Multi-Slap In The Face
741 A Second Slap In The Face
740 The Real Phoenix Girl, The First Slap In The Face
739 Before The Next Slap On The Face, The Phoenix Girl Reincarnated
738 The Second Slap On The Face
737 The First Slap On The Face
736 Wei Wei’s Space Was Withering?
735 741
734 An Alliance Between Two Powerful Forces, Two Fetuses
733 Competing For The Zhuge Family
732 Changes Upon Changes
731 The Figh
730 Helian Wei Wei, Jia Jue
729 In Search Of The Sarira
728 Wei Wei’s And His Highness’ Previous Lifetimes
727 733rd
726 732nd
725 The Seemingly Kind But Evil Prince
724 Father Had An Idea
723 The Fetus Was Growing Too Fas
722 The Unfriendly Father and Son
721 The Child Was Evil, But The Adult Was Even More So
720 Two Babies
719 The Conversation Between A Father And A Son Part 2
718 Before Becoming A Father And A Son Part 1
717 The Baby In Her Womb And His Highness
716 “I’m Pregnant.”
715 Trying To Frame Wei Wei But Received A Slap From His Highness Instead
714 The Silly Officials
713 Wei Wei Was Going To Tell His Highness...
712 An Extraordinary Baby
711 She Really Was Pregnant!
710 Wei Wei Noticed Her Abnormalities
709 Demon Killing Buddhist Incantation, The Mysterious Person
708 Wei Wei Broke Out!
707 What Goes Around Comes Around, Wei Wei
706 Identifying The Hostile Ghost, In Your Face!
705 The Beginning Of Helian Wei Wei’s Witty Mind
704 The Cunning Hostile Ghos
703 Wei Wei Discerns Who Was the Hostile Ghos
702 You Must Pay For Your Mistakes
701 Killed By His Highness Within A Second
700 You Want To Kill His Highness And Wei Wei? In Your Face
699 The Quick Witted Wei Wei
698 Clever Wei Wei, The Case-Cracking Begins
697 Posthumous Marriage, Wei Wei's Appearance
696 Just As Wei Wei Deduced
695 The Culprit Has Been Revealed
694 The Culprit Is An Elderly Person! Overhaul!
693 The Fourth Form Of Slapping Oneself In The Face, Close Reasoning
692 Meeting The Secretary Of State For The Ministry Of Official Personnel Affairs, The Third Slap In The Face
691 The Complicated Case, Second Slap In The Face
690 Slap In The Face, First Form
689 Trying To Arrest His Highness? Foolish!
688 Helian Wei Wei And His Highness Joining Forces
687 The Investigation Couple
686 The Bossy Prince
685 Wei Wei’s Ability And Intelligence
684 The Path of Reincarnation Has Been Locked, Children
683 Vanquished By The Ultimate Blow
682 No One Expected His Highness’ Brilliance
681 Foolish And Ashamed!
680 She Summoned A Great Figure!
679 Together, They Are Invincible!
678 The Dashing Prince!
677 Wei Wei Joining Forces With His Highness
676 Mocking The Third Prince For Not Knowing Exorcism?
675 His Highness Is Participating Personally!
674 Was There No One Else Other Than Wei Wei?
673 Helian Wei Wei And His Highness Displaying Their Affections
672 What Goes Around, Comes Around
671 Wei Wei Taking Revenge For The Alsatian
670 Ten Reapers, A Shocking Sight!
669 Wei Wei's Turn To Summon The Reaper
668 Xuan Bing Was Defeated With A Slap In The Face
667 You Belong To Me Completely
666 Seeking Death In Front of His Majesty
665 He Brought This Upon Himself
664 His Highness’s Venomous Tongue Lashes Ou
663 Looking Down On Wei Wei?
662 She Actually Knows How To Exorcise?
661 Helian Wei Wei Shows Her Hand At Exorcism
660 You Must Be Dreaming If You Think His Highness Would Yield
659 A Fatal Counterattack From The Crafty Prince
658 Helian Wei Wei’s Counterattack Part 2
657 Queen Wei Wei’s Counterattack Part 1
656 They’re Looking Down On You, Third Aun
655 A Marriage Proposal From The Enemy
654 Her Highness Wei Wei Humiliation: Part 2
653 The Visitors Humiliation: Part 1
652 Spoilt To The Bone: A Challenge Part 2
651 Continued To Be Sweet: A Challenge Part 1
650 His Highness And Wei Wei Were Too Swee
649 This Man Was Wei Wei’s Possession
648 Wei Wei Was A Big Eater
647 His Highness Pampering Helian Wei Wei
646 Punishment From His Highness
645 Your Existence Is My Distraction
644 Keep You From Leaving Even If You Wanted To
643 His Highness’s Thoughts And Wei Wei
642 The Awakened Wei Wei And His Highness
641 I Am The Only One Allowed To Bully Her
640 Summoned, His Highness Is Here!
639 Completely Contracted, Wei Wei
638 Little Seven’s Beast Evolution, The Third Prince…
637 Protecting Little Seven
636 All In One Momen
635 Palace Rumors, Little Seven Was Becoming A Demon?
634 Little Seven Was In Danger, He Was Framed!
633 Feelings That Reached The Depths
632 Back To Green Dragon Lake
631 You Were The One That I Kissed
630 The First Kiss Was
629 His Highness' Indulgence
628 She Stole Something Of Mine
627 One Of His Highness’ Reactions Of Being Jealous
626 Was His Highness Getting Out Of Control?
625 Looking For Trouble
624 Wei Wei Made A Comeback
623 His Highness’ Attitude Toward Wei Wei
622 Encounter
621 The Young Version Of His Highness
620 The Beginning Of The Third Fragmen
619 The Third Fragmen
618 Could You Please Don’t Go
617 Little Princess Wei Wei
616 Fearing One’s Disappearance
615 The Little Prince Was Furious
614 The Li Family Was Destroyed, His Highness Was Evil
613 The Wrath Of The Little Prince
612 Tacit Torture
611 An Alliance Of Two, Time To Strike Back
610 Deepened Affection
609 Get Lost!
608 The Awkward Little Prince
607 Love Confession
606 Wei Wei Dealing with Yun Biluo
605 Prey, His Highness
604 His Highness’ Malevolence Was Raised From Childhood
603 Wei Wei's Wife Courting Tips
602 His Highness's Thoughts
601 The Little Highness’s Strategy
600 A True Liking?
599 The Malevolent Little Highness
598 Lock Her Up
597 The Second Soul Fragmen
596 Pampered By His Highness, Going For The Next Fragmen
595 Handsome Prince, Wei Wei Confessed
594 She Is Back!
593 His Royal Highness’ Jealousy
592 His Royal Highness’ Love
591 Cannot Be Trapped In The Magical Realm
590 His Highness Said To Use One For Each Day
589 The Date In The Magical Realm With The Malevolent Royal Highness
588 Are You Confessing?
587 I Stayed For You
586 She Must Be Mine
585 One Step Behind
584 Sick Of Her?
583 Not On Familiar Terms
582 Only For Married Couples
581 Sleeping With The King
580 His Highness’ Emotional Quotien
579 Wei Wei Initiated The Kiss With His Highness
578 A Man Who Is Like A King
577 Helian Wei Wei Has Come
576 Send Me To Where He Is
575 Finding Back His Souls
574 My Instinct Is To Protect You
573 His Highness And Wei Wei
572 Wei Wei…
571 His Highness’ True Form
570 His Highness
569 His One And Only
568 Was His Highness Really Unable To Recognize?
567 Replacing Wei Wei
566 Was She Discovered?
565 Afraid Of Making His Highness Upse
564 Wei Wei’s Soul Was Taken Away?
563 I Am Teaching Him How To Play Chess
562 His Highness Coaxed Wei Wei
561 A Slap In The Face!
560 The Two-Faced Prince, The Shocked Elder
559 Hiding The Dragon Robe?
558 Framing His Highness
557 His Highness’s Means
556 Elder Wu Apologizes
555 First Smack In The Face By The Truth
554 Wei Wei Is In Danger?
553 His Highness’ Two-Facedness Was Everywhere
552 The Loving Two
551 Do You Think I Am Ruthless?
550 Gentleness Of The Prince
549 Framing The Third Prince?
548 A Sinister Scheme For A Radical Change In The Palace
547 What Is Little Seven’s True Identity?
546 The Determination To End Wei Wei
545 The Soul Fragments
544 The Consequence Of Wei Wei’s Initiative
543 Wei Wei Being The Initiator
542 The Malevolent Prince Against Wei Wei
541 Getting Along Lovingly With The Annoyed Prince
540 His Highness And Wei Wei
539 Dealing With Helian Wei Wei
538 Wei Wei’s Dominance Had Been Revealed
537 Forcing Wei Wei To Abdicate? Dense!
536 Stirring Up A Storm
535 Wei Wei Is Famous!
534 Grilled Fish Titled ‘Wei Loving Jue’
533 The Reopening Of Bayview Seafood Restauran
532 What Did Helian Wei Wei Want To Do?
531 The Third Prince Was Adept At Disrespecting Others!
530 The Boastful Elder And The Bloodthirsty Third Prince
529 A Crushing Victory, His Highness Was So Cool!
528 Killed Master Liao And Crushed Him!
527 Affectionate Helian Wei Wei And His Highness
526 Slapping Hard In The Face
525 Domineering His Highness
524 His Highness Was About To Come!
523 Vindicating All Injustice While Liao Seeking For Death
522 General Liao’s Self-seeking For Humiliation
521 Here Comes The Slapping! Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!
520 So Odd, Why Didn’t I See Third Brother?
519 Here Comes The Overkill!
518 An Impressive Slap in the Face!
517 Stunning A Group Of People!
516 Wei Wei, Get Ready To Fight!
515 Got Into A Big Trouble!
514 Competing With Me Over Family Background, What A Slap In The Face!
513 The Arrival Of The Retired Emperor, The Turning Of The Tide!
512 Karma!
511 Arresting ‘Private Advisor Long’
510 A Slap In The Face Resounded In Dominance!
509 Trying To Chase Wei Wei Out?
508 Calling Wei Wei A Country Bumpkin
507 Arresting ‘Private Advisor Long’?
506 Complaint From The Adorable Little Seven
505 Trying To Mess With Private Advisor Long? You’re Looking For Death!
504 Domineering Wei Wei During The First Confrontation
503 Looking Down On Wei Wei
502 His Highness' Plan
501 Little Seven Was Threatened?
500 Their Minds Are In Sync
499 Exposure Of Identity?
498 Wanted To Teach Wei Wei A Lesson!
497 The Prince Came Forward
496 Bring Out The Big Guns
495 Dramatic Turnaround Of The Plot!
494 His Highness' Domineering Aura
493 Made A Comeback, Slapping The Face Hard!
492 Suppressing Wei Wei?
491 The Upcoming Ultimate Move
490 Dug Your Own Grave
489 Overpowering With Rank?
488 Magistrate Liao Wanted To Put Wei Wei Down
487 His Highness' Tricks
486 Threatened Wei Wei With One's Power?
485 Wei Wei Began To Bruise Their Ego
484 Framing Wei Wei
483 Worried For Helian Wei Wei
482 Someone Was Going To Be In Trouble
481 The Prince Came Forward
480 Isolating Wei Wei
479 His Highness' Tyranny And Duplicity
478 Pranking Without Forgetting To Flaunt Their Affection
477 As Blind As A Ba
476 Walking To One's Death
475 Competition Of 'Family Background' With The Third Prince
474 His Highness And Helian Wei Wei Joined Hands
473 Simply Seeking Death
472 Treating His Highness As A Private Advisor
471 Wei Wei Was Going To Start Killing!
470 Wei Wei Was Domineering
469 Someone Underestimated His Highness And Wei Wei
468 How To Thank Your Husband
467 His Highness As An Evil Love Rival
466 Wei Wei Dominated His Highness
465 Unstable Soul
464 His Highness Gifted Roses to Wei Wei
463 The Appearance Of The Malevolent His Highness
462 Madam Su, A Victim Of Her Own Undoing
461 The Hidden Army Recognized Their Master!
460 Appearance Of The Hidden Army!
459 Leaving You Speechless
458 Retrieving The Clan
457 Wanted To Embarrass Wei Wei?
456 His Highness Who Was Deceitful And Malevolen
455 Soul Fragmen
454 Do Not Betray Me
453 Wei Wei Versus The Mistress
452 A Gift From His Highness
451 The Commencement Of The Clan Meeting
450 The Malevolent Third Prince
449 Concerning The Future Little Emperor
448 Feeling Sorry For His Highness
447 The Couple Dealing With Outsiders
446 The Prince With No Respec
445 Look, His Highness Was Acting Cute
444 How Profound Were Their Feelings For Each Other
443 Assuming That Sending A Letter Would...?
442 Intimacy Between The Two Of Them
441 His Highness And Wei Wei Took A Walk
440 Let's Start Dating
439 Deep-seated Adoration
438 Feeding Each Other
437 Wei Wei Courted A 'Wife'!
436 Slapping Jiao Er's Face
435 Wei Wei Proved Yun Biluo And Jiao Er Wrong
434 The Truth Unveiled! Cool, Wei Wei!
433 Instant Kill With Looks
432 Preparing To Astonish The Crowd
431 Astonishing Five Elements!
430 Unpredictable
429 The Commencement Of The Selection Of The Secondary Consor
428 The Overbearing Prince
427 The Way His Highness Pampered Wei Wei
426 Wei Wei Joining The Selection
425 Who Was Actually The Pretties
424 His Highness’ Coddling Love
423 The Ways Of Romance
422 Wei Wei And His Highness Were Being Affectionate
421 Appearance Comes Firs
420 Wei Wei's Appearance Evaluation
419 Wei Wei's Intention To Court A 'Wife' Could Not Be Diminished!
418 Let His Highness Teach You How To Court A Wife
417 A Bouquet Of Flowers As The First Step For Wei Wei To Court His Highness
416 Gentleness In Water
415 Do I Like Him?
414 Love Needs Emotional Appeal
413 Waking Up After Sleep
412 A Tempting Kiss
411 His Highness' Warm Embrace
410 Black-hearted Prince Kissing In Public
409 Wei Wei's Domineering Return!
408 The Dazzling Prince
407 Was Wei Wei Gone?
406 Warming The ‘Bed’
405 Sweet Moments Before The Reconciliation
404 Is Your Highness In Danger?
403 The Retired Emperor's Official Appearance
402 His Highness Helped Wei Wei
401 His Highness And Wei Wei
400 Wei Wei's Greatness
399 His Highness Was Jealous
398 His Highness' Silent Move
397 His Highness Flirted With Wei Wei
396 Take Her Away, No Rush XOXO
395 Wei Wei Told Off The Scumbag
394 Please Do Not Rush
393 Wei Wei's Thoughts
392 Wei Wei, You Could Leave Now
391 His Highness' Concern
390 Wei Wei Was Enamored
389 His Highness' Kissing Lesson
388 Electing A Secondary Consort?
387 The Master Of The Green Dragon
386 Be Careful, Wei Wei
385 What Was Wrong With Wei Wei?
384 Devious His Highness
383 His Highness And Wei Wei Slept Together
382 Between His Highness And Wei Wei…
381 His Highness' Influence
380 Interaction Between Baili Jia Jue And Wei Wei
379 His Highness Struck, Killing Everyone In A Flash
378 Wei Wei Tortured Madam Su
377 The Su Family Asked For I
376 His Highness And Wei Wei
375 Hitting The Empress In The Face
374 Intention To Set Baili Jia Jue Up
373 Madam Su Became Anxious
372 His Highness Arresting The Culpri
371 The Fierce Collaboration Between His Highness And Wei Wei
370 His Highness Was Enraged
369 Was Little Seven Being Bullied?
368 Capturing Wei Wei
367 Madam Su Conspired Against Wei Wei 2
366 Madam Su Conspired Against Wei Wei 1
365 Wei Wei Knew His Highness Well
364 A Gift From His Highness
363 Using Hands To Help His Highness
362 His Highness Bullied Wei Wei
361 His Highness Is Up To Something Again
360 Third Prince Wei Wei
359 Bathing Together
358 Showering His Highness
357 Announcement Of The Test Results
356 A Slap In Yun Biluo's Face
355 The Mark By His Highness
354 Wei Wei's Trump Card Battle Squad
353 The Hidden Army Recognized Its Owner
352 Wei Wei Conquered The Hidden Army
351 How Wei Wei Fought For The Battle Spirit Forces
350 Wei Wei's Awesomeness
349 Wei Wei Won
348 Bathe For His Highness
347 She Should Only Have Eyes For Him
346 The Kiss Between His Highness And Wei Wei
345 Descendant Of The Exorcis
344 His Highness Was So Cool
343 Third Prince Was Here
342 Was Wei Wei In Danger?
341 Not Falling For Weiwei- Wei Wei Was Unworthy
340 Plotting Against Wei Wei
339 His Highness Likes Her?
338 His Highness' Cherishment Of Wei Wei
337 His Highness Needed To Calm Down
336 His Highness' Gentleness
335 His Highness Treated Wei Wei Well
334 His Highness Was Really, Really Extremely Powerful
333 His Highness' Methods
332 His Highness Was Domineering
331 His Highness' Thoughts
330 Blinded By A Flash
329 Encountered Upon Unlocking
328 His Highness Saved A Beauty
327 His Highness
326 Wei Wei Managed To Summon!!?
325 Wei Wei Strikes
324 The Summoning Tes
323 The Domineering His Highness
322 His Highness Met Wei Wei
321 Seize I
320 Was She Merely A Prey?
319 A Mysterious Man
318 Breaking The Surface
317 Choked
316 The Aggressive Wei Wei
315 Destroying Hei Zhu
314 The Third Prince
313 The Perfect Room For Camouflage
312 Entering The Battle Spirit Forces
311 The Crawling Beas
310 Lock Her Up
309 His Highness And Wei Wei
308 His Highness, His Highness
307 His Highness
306 Wei Wei Beats People
305 Wei Wei Sang A Song
304 Song Competition
303 Yun Biluo Is Here Again
302 Wei Wei's Thoughts
301 Clever Wei Wei
300 Just Using You
299 True Brothers
298 Ah Jue, Do You Want To Take A Look At The New Student?
297 His Highness' Jealousy
296 Wei Wei's Competition
295 Sacrificing Helian Wei Wei
294 She Could Not See Through Helian Wei Wei
293 Master Wushuang
292 The Transfer Student 1
291 The New Transfer Studen
290 Selling His Highness’ Portrai
289 Cooperation Between His Highness and Wei Wei
288 His Highness Helped Wei Wei, Yet...
287 Third Prince And Wei Wei
286 Do Not Lie To Your Highness
285 The Memory In Her Dream
284 Another Soul
283 His Highness Peeled Shrimps
282 Buried The Hatche
281 That Person is Coming Back
280 The Glued Contrac
279 His Highness’ Weak Spot?
278 The Vicious Third Highness
277 The Couple
276 Just Pretend Nothing Ever Happened
275 His Highness’ Plan
274 Tired of playing the game
273 Wei Wei Sells Stuffs and His Highness Buys Them
272 The Princess Sold Some Stuff
271 Just an antidote
270 Queen Wei Wei
269 The Antidote From His Highness
268 The Silver Mask Is Gone
267 The Lamb In The Tiger’s Mouth
266 Wedding Nigh
265 The Domineering Third Prince
264 The Dashing Wei Wei
263 The Day Of The Wedding
262 Wei Wei’s Backup Plan
261 A big wedding is coming
260 Who The Third Prince Likes
259 Kiss Through The Wedding Dress
258 Wei Wei Wears Her Wedding Dress
257 His Highness’ Thoughts
256 Before The Big Wedding
255 His Majesty’s Betrothal Gifts
254 Helian Jiao Er Vomited Blood in Anger
253 Wei Wei Joined Forces with His Highness
252 Wei Wei’s Counterattack
251 To Harm Wei Wei
250 Fame From One Battle!
249 Against Helian Wei Wei
248 One Versus Ten
247 The expert beggar was unexpectedly her!
246 The tournament starts!
245 Wei Wei detoxified the poison
244 The two made a striking appearance
243 Wei Wei’s Spiritual Nature
242 A Way Out For Two
241 Flower Candle in the Cave
240 Phoenix Girl Reincarnation
239 Wei Wei’s Adventure
238 Cave Adventure
237 Two People Together
236 His Highness’ Methods
235 His Highness’ Wrath
234 Wei Wei’s Counterattack
233 A Marriage Proposal to Wei Wei
232 His Highness Bestowed Betrothal Gifts
231 Two people in love
230 Belong Only to Him
229 His Highness Enlightened
228 Too Late For Regrets
227 Madam Su's Face Got Slapped
226 The Big Figh
225 Status Disclosed
224 His Highness arrives
223 Inside Profound Heaven
222 The Unforeseeable
221 Disdain towards Wei Wei
220 The Servant Girl Was Slapped
219 Wei Wei’s Stunning Appearance
218 Auction
216 Limited Edition
215 Profound Brilliance Under Heaven
214 Martial Qi Competition
212 Limited Edition
211 Profound Brilliance Under Heaven
210 Martial Qi Competition
209 Feeding His Highness
208 Two-Faced Highness
207 Proud Highness
206 Wei Wei Gave His Highness
205 That Man
204 Stay By This Highness’ Side
203 If His Highness Can’t Get It Then Voila!
202 Divining a Marriage Predestined by Fate
201 Provoked His Highness
200 His Highness Wounded
199 Don’t Fall Into The Trap
198 His Highness Wei Wei
197 His Highness ticking off Wei Wei
196 His Highness’ Inclinations
195 Why Did His Highness Choose Wei Wei
194 Who’s The Real Female Phoenix
193 Slap Madam Su’s Face
192 Breathtaking Wei Wei
191 Sincerely Want to Take a Wife
190 Denouncing Lady Su
189 Left Speechless
188 Wei Wei Strikes Back
187 Slaps To The Face
186 Put Someone’s Life On The Line and She’ll Fight to Live
185 Wei Wei In Danger
183 Storm Clouds Approach
182 There’s Two-Faced Love
181 His Highness and Wei Wei
180 Hei Ze And His Highness Faces Off
179 Getting Close to Wei Wei
178 Have Wei Wei Die
177 Males and Females Traveling Together
176 His Highness Drinks Vinegar
175 His Domineering Highness
174 Wei Wei’s Drunk, You Guys Already Understand
173 His Highness Planned to Get Drunk……
172 It’s Surprisingly You!
171 Wei Wei Shocked People!
170 Wei Wei Counterattacks
169 Towards Wei Wei, His Highness
168 Everybody’s Dumbstruck
166 She’d Lose For Sure?
165 Helian Wei Wei Came Onstage
164 Incomparably Dashing
163 His Highness Competes
162 Provoke His Highness
161 His Highness’ Anger
160 Third Prince Clearly Jealous
159 Facing the Fine Compound
158 On the Verge of Slapping the Face Even More
157 His Highness Not in a Good Mood
156 The Inferior Compound’s Really Inferior?
155 The Competition Starts
154 Elder Huan Versus Third Prince
151 Coaching Third Prince
150 Dallying With Third Prince
149 Unruly Competition
148 Look Down on Third Prince
147 His Highness Drank Vinegar
146 His Highness, the King of Hell
145 Two-Faced Highness
144 Putting Third Prince in His Place
143 She’ll Definitely Lose
142 His Highness Loves to Pretend
141 Maintaining Distance
140 More and More Intimate
139 Black Bellied Highness
138 Setting the Engagemen
137 His Highness Was Unyielding
136 Absolutely With Love
135 Two People Getting Along
134 Domineering Third Prince
133 Two People Getting Along
132 Wei Wei Was Exposed
131 His Highness in Crisis
130 His Highness In Danger
129 Directly Pressure People
128 Crushing People’s Hear
127 Wei Wei Strikes Back
126 Want You To Look Good
125 His Highness Drinks Vinegar
124 Exasperate His Highness
123 Marriage Agreemen
122 Provoking His Highness
121 His Jealous Highness
120 Haul the Net to Make the Capture
119 His Highness Attacks
118 The Result of the Competition
117 Domineering Wei Wei
116 Wei Wei’s Going to Lose
115 The Joke, Wei Wei
114 Armament Convention
113 Cross-Dressed Wei Wei
112 His Highness’ Jealousy
111 Domineering Third Prince
110 His Highness Felt The Loss
109 Who’s Victorious, Who’s Defeated
108 His Highness Arrives
107 Just Want to Catch
106 Reject His Highness
105 An Appearance That Astonished People
104 His Highness Wants a Live Capture
103 Won’t Let You Off
102 His Highness Wanted to Win
101 The Heart Trembled
100 Towards Her...
99 She Couldn’t Jump Down
98 Was Seen Through
97 Resist Unyieldingly
96 His Highness Is Even Better
95 I Will Play With You
94 He Chases, She Hides
93 His Highness Entreaties
92 Sparks Between Two People
91 His Highness Angered
90 Chose The Wrong Person
89 The Result of the Consort Selection
88 His Highness is Jealous
87 Humiliate Wei Wei
86 Vague Feeling
85 Lips Were Injured
84 His Highness Was Jealous
83 Want to Marry Wei Wei
82 His Highness A Bit Angry
81 Armaments Merchan
80 Number one Gold Bucke
79 Older Sister Doesn’t Appreciate I
78 Questions on positions
77 His Highness In Disguise Again
76 Kneel To Apologize
75 Losing One’s Standing
74 Counterattack
73 Pow Pow Face Slap
72 Stunned Everyone
71 Two People Getting Intimate
70 Sacred Objects Revealed
69 Spirit Beast’s Contrac
68 Touching Intimately
67 Want A Kiss?
66 His Highness Was Pretending
65 His Highness Appears
64 Ancient Spirit Beas
63 Handsome Feline of a Man
62 Wei Wei In Danger
61 Struck By Lightning
60 His Highness’ Consort Selection
59 Doesn’t Want to Become a Consor
58 Something Unintended Happened
57 His Highness Appears
56 Consort Selection Starts
55 Prior To The Consort Selection
54 Black-Hearted Highness
53 His Highness Pretends
52 Dressed As A Pig, Eating A Tiger
51 His Highness’ Thoughts
50 Participate in the Consort Selection
49 Surprising Qi
48 Agreeing To The Consort Selection
47 Two-Faced Highness
46 Two Loving People
45 Approach His Highness
44 Poisonous Thoughts Born Again
43 Apologize With Palms And Mouths
42 Acknowledged Master And Disciple
41 I Want To Break Off The Engagemen
40 His Highness’ Musings
39 Expel From the Academy
38 Venomous Scheme To Frame
37 Fame After One Figh
36 Counterattack Starts
35 Master and Disciple
34 Testing Starts
33 Meeting At The Hotspring
32 Signing up for Martial Qi
31 The Mood Thickens
30 The Games Begin
29 Caught Her
28 Escape From Calamity
27 His Highness Attacked
26 Targeted His Highness
25 It Was Unexpectedly Her
24 Found the Wrong Person
23 Number One Handsome Man
22 Forced Disciple
21 Living Together And Sleeping Together
20 Almost Found
19 Assumed Identity
18 Buying the Ghost Palace
17 Kissing Someone
16 Crashing into Something
15 Good-For-Nothing Genius
14 Ghost Palace Bears Grudges
13 Who is the Red Phoenix Star
12 Ghost Highness’s Interes
11 Having Her as a Disciple
10 Movement of the Red Phoenix Star
9 Unprecedented Talen
8 Armament Master Assembly
7 Handsome man with silver hair
6 Taking Advantage of His Highness
5 Beam Under The Kno
4 Illustrious Ghost Palace
3 Mysterious Man
2 Rebirth
1 Annulment Before Marriage