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Fey Evolution Merchant

Author: Amber Button

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Latest chapter: Chapter 697 - Giving Everything in Exchange

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《Fey Evolution Merchant》Latest chapter
Chapter 697 - Giving Everything in Exchange
Chapter 696 - Die Quickly
Chapter 695 - Young Leader
Chapter 694 - Let the Miao family Foot The Bill
Chapter 693 - Cultivated Garden
Chapter 692 - Three Hundred Bottles of Platinum Water Potion
Chapter 691 - Taking the Initiative to Confess
Chapter 690 - his Old Woman is Horrible!
Chapter 689 - : Not Even One Billion Radiance Dollars Would Be Enough!
Chapter 688 - King Lotus Carrying 100 Pavilions
Chapter 687 - The Separation of the 99 Lotus Heads
Chapter 686 - Two Little Geniuses
《Fey Evolution Merchant》' main text
Chapter 697 - Giving Everything in Exchange
Chapter 696 - Die Quickly
Chapter 695 - Young Leader
Chapter 694 - Let the Miao family Foot The Bill
Chapter 693 - Cultivated Garden
Chapter 692 - Three Hundred Bottles of Platinum Water Potion
Chapter 691 - Taking the Initiative to Confess
Chapter 690 - his Old Woman is Horrible!
Chapter 689 - : Not Even One Billion Radiance Dollars Would Be Enough!
Chapter 688 - King Lotus Carrying 100 Pavilions
Chapter 687 - The Separation of the 99 Lotus Heads
Chapter 686 - Two Little Geniuses
Chapter 685 - The Creation Master’s Taboo
Chapter 684 - Genius the Creation Master
Chapter 683 - Connected Tails
Chapter 682 - Revolutionize the Use of Spiritual Energy
Chapter 681 - Genius Evolved to Fantasy Breed
Chapter 680 - The Three Tails that Broke Off
Chapter 679 - Submerged Flood Dragon Lake
Chapter 678 - Jackpot!
Chapter 677 - Machamp Youth Lin Yuan
Chapter 676 - Spirit Tide Ink Flood Dragon
Chapter 675 - The Armor of Golden Scales
Chapter 674 - Genius is Unafraid of Pain
Chapter 673 - The Change in the Spirit Lock Spatial Zone
Chapter 672 - Occasionally Lose Control
Chapter 671 - Muscle Growth Camellia
Chapter 670 - Sun Ningxiang’s Crazy Brain Supplement
Chapter 669 - The First Welfare
Chapter 668 - Classiness and Ability
Chapter 667 - The Elite Faction’s Public Support
Chapter 666 - : The Gap in the Bloodline
Chapter 665 - The Troublemakers are Here
Chapter 664 - Scheming was a Form of Underestimation
Chapter 663 - The Three-Step Plan to Take Down Sea Bliss Clan
Chapter 662 - Sea Bliss Clan Willingly Fell Into the Trap
Chapter 661 - Who Can Go Against Destiny and Change Fate for This Old One?
Chapter 660 - Condense Fairy Orchard
Chapter 659 - Scarily Uncultured!
Chapter 658 - The Territory’s Grand Opening
Chapter 657 - Lin Yuan’s Experiment
Chapter 656 - Declare War!
Chapter 655 - Difficult to Avoid Death
Chapter 654 - Swearing on a Boundary
Chapter 653 - 3: Prepare to Evolve! Spirit-Drawing Ichthyosaur!
Chapter 652 - The Queen’s Evolution
Chapter 651 - Possibility of the Sea Burial Lotus Flower’s Evolution
Chapter 650 - Sacred Source Lifeform, Sin Punishment Inner Mirror’s Indication
Chapter 649 - Collective Epiphany
Chapter 648 - One-Woman Intelligence Network
Chapter 647 - Fly, Dance of Paper
Chapter 646 - : The Idea that was Raring to Go
Chapter 645 - The Throbbing Queen
Chapter 644 - Opening the Door to Lin Yuan’s New World
Chapter 643 - The Almost Fantasy Breed Genius
Chapter 642 - Creating a Basement
Chapter 641 - Sky City’s First Class 4 Creation Master
Chapter 640 - It’s Nice to be Front Stage
Chapter 639 - Young Man! You’re Amazing
Chapter 638 - Where Exactly Did This Immortal Come From?
Chapter 637 - Trump Card! Fey Fusion!
Chapter 636 - You Really Hit a Nerve!
Chapter 635 - Lin Yuan is Angry
Chapter 634 - Might Not be Unlucky
Chapter 633 - Chosen
Chapter 632 - They’re Just Greedy
Chapter 631 - How am I Supposed to Comment on the Sudden Appearance of Your Sword?
Chapter 630 - : He Ate Crow So Quickly!
Chapter 629 - It Wasn’t in Vain
Chapter 628 - The Collaboration of Three Exclusive Skills
Chapter 627 - The Young Girl’s Amazing Performance
Chapter 626 - How Can My Wife Lose?
Chapter 625 - Have to Win No Matter What
Chapter 624 - Princess Iron Bull
Chapter 623 - : It is Actually a Bronze Fantasy Breed?
Chapter 622 - She Stands Amidst 10,000 People
Chapter 621 - Black’s Identity Exposed?
Chapter 620 - Young Master, Are You Emperor-Class?
Chapter 619 - Dark Laws? I Can Help You
Chapter 618 - Black Bronze Succulent
Chapter 617 - Unexpectedly Strong
Chapter 616 - Roasting Resin
Chapter 615 - Master Hong Shen’s Self-Planning
Chapter 614 - I’m Willing to be Your Follower
Chapter 613 - People, Unlike Trees, Thrive on Change
Chapter 612 - How Can You Say That?
Chapter 611 - Severely Bullied
Chapter 610 - Stolen Five Senses
Chapter 609 - : The Completely Changed Thinking
Chapter 608 - New Teammate
Chapter 607 - A Trillion Radiance Dollars Spent
Chapter 606 - Shi Xu’s Intense Fantasizing
Chapter 605 - What Kind of Weird Medicine?
Chapter 604 - Zhang Xiaobai Has a Problem
Chapter 603 - Evil Flames
Chapter 602 - Birth! Burning Sunflower Twins!
Chapter 601 - The Yellow Jadeite Golden Butterfly and the Exclusive Skill that Ruined Lin Yuan’s Plans
Chapter 600 - Evolve! Vajra Butterfly!
Chapter 599 - Lin Yuan Gives Out Nectar
Chapter 598 - Successful Recruitment
Chapter 597 - Lin Yuan’s Thousand-Layer Scheme
Chapter 596 - What Do You Need to Join Sky City?
Chapter 595 - I Think I’ll Be Chosen!
Chapter 594 - Second Young Master has the Final Say
Chapter 593 - Six-Headed Sea Demon Snake and Thunderwave Sky Chaos Snail
Chapter 592 - Recruiting Duan He
Chapter 591 - Constellations that Control Fate
Chapter 590 - Ambush! Youth!
Chapter 589 - The Thoughtful Source Sand and a Wave of Evolution
Chapter 588 - Sure Enough, It Took After Its Mother
Chapter 587 - Acid Corrosion Queen Bee’s Transformation
Chapter 586 - Evolve, Acid Corrosion Queen Bee!
Chapter 585 - The Best Songstress in the Universe
Chapter 584 - Chimey’s Mantra
Chapter 583 - Fantasy III Clear Sound Luan Sparrow
Chapter 582 - Using the Evolution to Gold in Exchange for a Chance
Chapter 581 - Sparrow Swallowing the Luan
Chapter 580 - The Avian Cry That Echoed in the Entire Spirit Lock Spatial Zone
Chapter 579 - The Involved Colossus
Chapter 578 - The Anonymous Message From Afar
Chapter 577 - Online and Offline Auctions
Chapter 576 - Nickname ‘Happy Hu Quan’
Chapter 575 - Allstar Match
Chapter 574 - Dress-up Game?
Chapter 573 - Why Not Name It White Pill
Chapter 572 - The Queen that Disregarded Rules
Chapter 571 - Sacred Source 12 Stars
Chapter 570 - Fusion of the Sacred Source Lifeforms Completed
Chapter 569 - Happy Delivery
Chapter 568 - Lin Yuan Becoming a Boss
Chapter 567 - Gao Feng’s Plan
Chapter 566 - A Beautiful Misunderstanding and Liu Jie’s Sacred Source Lifeform
Chapter 565 - Friends Reunite
Chapter 564 - Continuous Messages
Chapter 563 - Have to Live
Chapter 562 - Change, Golden Lotus Brocade Pearls
Chapter 561 - Did I Get Special Treatment?
Chapter 560 - Defined Life
Chapter 559 - The Righteous Lin Yuan
Chapter 558 - Sunlight King Lotus
Chapter 557 - The Langya Pavilion’s Master
Chapter 556 - The Greedy Lin Yuan
Chapter 555 - The Second Source-type Item
Chapter 554 - A Crazy Quote
Chapter 553 - Top-NotChapter “Cloud Dream Lake”
Chapter 552: Beautiful and Magnificent Pearls
Chapter 551: Offline, In-Person Auction
Chapter 550: Loved to Cause His Uncle Trouble
Chapter 549: Duan He Breathes Raggedly
Chapter 548: I’ve Found My Master
Chapter 547: Lin Yuan Wants to Recruit
Chapter 546: The Changed Group Welfare
Chapter 545: Guessing Identity
Chapter 544: Lin Yuan Who Was Kicked Out
Chapter 543: I Want Two
Chapter 542: Lin Yuan Is Reaped for Benefits
Chapter 541: Aquarium of Bliss
Chapter 540: The Ambition to Swallow Everyone’s Resources
Chapter 539: You Are Imagining Things and Creating Lies
Chapter 538: Lin Pigeon Who Chirped for Two Days
Chapter 537: You Eat More Than a Black Back Mountain Boar
Chapter 536: The Brother Who Was Taught a Lesson by His Sister
Chapter 535: Make Your Own Decision
Chapter 534: The Definition of Adoration
Chapter 533: Ultimate Transformation
Chapter 532: Liu Jie’s Fate
Chapter 531: Two Choices
Chapter 530: Greetings, Chief Guard; What a Coincidence
Chapter 529: Skipping a Grade and the Woman in Black on the Rope Bridge
Chapter 528: The Grace Queen and the Sword of Punishment
Chapter 527: The Warmth in the Years
Chapter 526: Am I About to Have a Sister-in-law?
Chapter 525: Plan to Forge Iron Bucket Sister Can’t Fail!
Chapter 524: Chu Ci’s Growth
Chapter 523: Vajra Butterfly’s Willpower Rune
Chapter 522: Smile and Smile Until Tears Fall
Chapter 521: Crescent Moon Radiant Sunlight Tablet
Chapter 520: Is Someone Chasing You Again?
Chapter 519: Come, Come Home with Master
Chapter 518: The Rabbit’s Broken Carrot
Chapter 517: The Terrified Sacred Source Lifeforms
Chapter 516: The Insect Queen’s Metamorphosis and the Two Sacred Source Lifeforms
Chapter 515: Treatment and Rolling Grade
Chapter 514: Bud of Mountain Jade
Chapter 513: Completely Transformed Jasmine Lily
Chapter 512: Evolve, Jasmine Lily!
Chapter 511: A New Hope
Chapter 510: Lin Yuan, I Will Be Absent
Chapter 509: Could It Really Be a Sacred Source Lifeform?
Chapter 508: Blooming Carnage
Chapter 507: Resolution to Die
Chapter 506: Strange Grunting
Chapter 505: The Art of Explosions
Chapter 504: Really Too Short!
Chapter 503: Await His Return!
Chapter 502: Gentleness Deserving of Death
Chapter 501: Promotion of Quality of Source Sand
Chapter 500: Enemies Like Construction Association’s Support Staff
Chapter 499: Evolving to Class 5
Chapter 498: Hunting-Ashes
Chapter 497: The Beauty of Positional Warfare
Chapter 496: Really Too Strong!
Chapter 495: Do You Love Me, Seventh-chan?
Chapter 494: Is Master Powerful?
Chapter 493: Blanket Search
Chapter 492: The Rekindled Radiant Flame
Chapter 491: Day Ends, Blood-Tinted Moon
Chapter 490: The Cold Moon in the Sky
Chapter 489: Got Sucked In
Chapter 488: Closer to the Truth
Chapter 487: Blooming Osmanthus
Chapter 486: Looking Forward to Working Together Again
Chapter 485: Truly A Classy Person!
Chapter 484: The Two Who Earned a Lot
Chapter 483: Can’t Sit Even If
Chapter 482: Greed and Change
Chapter 481: Nurturing The Blood Brew Grapevine
Chapter 480: Not a Self-Destructing Bucket!
Chapter 479: Enhancing the Elemental Shellfish
Chapter 478: Heaven and Earth Fey!
Chapter 477: Clouded Crane
Chapter 476: The Invite and the Third Person
Chapter 475: Glad Wen Yu Did Not Come
Chapter 474: Specialty Suona
Chapter 473: Chu Ci’s Master
Chapter 472: I Miss Him
Chapter 471: Mother Spider’s Sixth Sense?
Chapter 470: The Possibility of the Mother of Bloodbath Becoming A Creation Breed
Chapter 469: Surplus of Spirit Qi Crystals
Chapter 468: Moon Empress’ Disciple
Chapter 467: Lord Guard Envoy
Chapter 466: Spirit Return! End of Summer!
Chapter 465: You’ve Comprehended Law Runes!
Chapter 464: Older Sister and Younger Sister Can
Chapter 463: Murderer and Loser
Chapter 462: Go, Mother of Bloodbath
Chapter 461: Do You Understand This Reasoning?
Chapter 460: Nightmare VI
Chapter 459: Support Our Third Lineage
Chapter 458: Must Not Be Left Alive
Chapter 457: 10,000 Times More Disgusting!
Chapter 456: The Lotus Flower’s Original Body
Chapter 455: Sea Burial Lotus Flower
Chapter 454: Water from Eight Directions Gather
Chapter 453: The Retreating Vines
Chapter 452: The Bottom of the Sea Where Life Is Cut Off
Chapter 451: Lin Yuan, Fish Meat, Delicious
Chapter 450: The True Insect Swarm Commander
Chapter 449: Is Wen Yu’s Cooking Not Nice?
Chapter 448: The Surplus Is Called Foundation
Chapter 447: Lin Yuan Who Takes It All
Chapter 446: Burning Sunflower
Chapter 445: Iron Bucket Sister Plan 3.0—Launched!
Chapter 444: Don’t Strive So Much Until You Break Your Legs
Chapter 443: Still Buying?
Chapter 442: The Troubleseeker Is Here
Chapter 441: A New Heaven and Earth Fey
Chapter 440: Increased Endurance
Chapter 439: Mutual Harm!
Chapter 438: In a Flurry
Chapter 437: Lin Yuan Is a Devil
Chapter 436: Black-Hearted Or Stupid?
Chapter 435: Mother of Bloodbath Under True Data
Chapter 434: The Hornless Dragon Bloodline
Chapter 433: Creation Breed
Chapter 432: Wind Speech Sparrow
Chapter 431: Showing Itself
Chapter 430: Indigo Azure Sea Market
Chapter 429: How Would Young Master Zheng Feel?
Chapter 428: Enemies in the Dark
Chapter 427: Regardless of Whether It’s a Dragon’s Lair or Tiger’s Den
Chapter 426: Why Are You Spying on Me Studying Again!
Chapter 425: Eight Pages Council
Chapter 424: Being Surrounded by Bigwigs
Chapter 423: I’ll Solve It for You
Chapter 422: I’m Willing
Chapter 421: Huge Axe Mercenaries
Chapter 420: Are You Worthy?
Chapter 419: What a Scumbag!
Chapter 418: The Boss Can’t Be Lin Yuan, Right?
Chapter 417: Lin Yuan Is Embarrassed
Chapter 416: I Want 50%!
Chapter 415: People Respect Themselves
Chapter 414: Midsummer Cage
Chapter 413: How Can This Still Be Fought?
Chapter 412: Head-On Attack
Chapter 411: Do It Well
Chapter 410: Heavenly-Maiden-Grade Pearl
Chapter 409: Become Food for the Dark-Eyed Scorpion Tiger!
Chapter 408: The Admin Has Actually Become Active Again!
Chapter 407: Watch Me Screw You Up!
Chapter 406: It’s Time to Perform Real Acting Skills!
Chapter 405: Fei Qianqiong’s Submission
Chapter 404: Lin Yuan’s Hot Potato
Chapter 403: Let’s Break the Contract!
Chapter 402: Stripping Away the Willpower Rune
Chapter 401: A King-Class Expert Dares to Eavesdrop With Impunity?
Chapter 400: Now I’ll See How the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce Can Still Hold On
Chapter 399: Homebody Lin Yuan
Chapter 398: The Pine Nut from the Pine Needle Spring Return Rat
Chapter 397: This Was the Same As to Pull Aggression!
Chapter 396: Carcinoma Fey, Sawtooth Devour Ant
Chapter 395: Surging Tide in the Dark
Chapter 394: Divine Wood, Iron Hammer, Great Lush
Chapter 393: The Development Outside the Radiance Federation and the Sacred Source Item
Chapter 392: Lazy to Even Bloom
Chapter 391: Heavenly Craft Pavilion
Chapter 390: Hu Quan’s Mask
Chapter 389: Fantasy II
Chapter 388: The Storm Rises
Chapter 387: Silver Ability, Node Activation
Chapter 386: The White-Clothed Followers Project Begins!
Chapter 385: Life Predator
Chapter 384: The Outstanding Mother of Bloodbath
Chapter 383: Space Tunnel
Chapter 382: Ruthless Man
Chapter 381: Making a Move on the Ethereal Jellyfish
Chapter 380: Ethereal Jellyfish and the White-Clothed Followers
Chapter 379: I’m First-Class Among Flowers
Chapter 378: Curiosity Killed Lin Yuan
Chapter 377: The World of a Literary Youth Is Too Hard to Understand
Chapter 376: Gold-Edged Skirtfish
Chapter 375: Play You? What Is There to Play?
Chapter 374: Red Thorn’s Underwater Domain
Chapter 373: Gill-like Petals
Chapter 372: 360,000,000 Radiance Dollars in Six Months
Chapter 371: Don’t Learn to Be Unsophisticated!
Chapter 370: What About a Cinerary Urn?
Chapter 369: A Good Opportunity for the Moon Empress
Chapter 368: Lin Yuan, Do You Not Have a Flying Mount?
Chapter 367: Late Night and Craftwork Go Better Together
Chapter 366: Combat Power? I Don’t Lose Out!
Chapter 365: Genius’ Intimacy and Detachment
Chapter 364: Genius, Go Bring In the Guest
Chapter 363: Protein Silkworm Chrysalises
Chapter 362: Lin Yuan Has Grown Taller!
Chapter 361: This Youth Is Supposed to Be a Miracle!
Chapter 360: All Good
Chapter 359: What’s the Antonym of Local Death?
Chapter 358: This Auntie?
Chapter 357: An Unexpected Opponent
Chapter 356: Lin Yuan’s Private Faction Equals ‘Country Bumpkin‘?
Chapter 355: Why Thank Him?
Chapter 354: Big Brother Liu, You Happen to Be Able to Use It
Chapter 353: Star Web Celestial Stairway 2V2
Chapter 352: Insect Queen’s Flaw
Chapter 351: Lin Yuan Getting Up for Breakfast
Chapter 350: The Reason for Being the Center of the Typhoon Eye
Chapter 349: 50,000,000 Radiance Dollars Were Really Worth It
Chapter 348: Endless Summer’s New World
Chapter 347: Approval From Spider Stomach
Chapter 346: Gray Is the Bravest
Chapter 345: The Changed Spirit Qi Imprint
Chapter 344: Two Horns on the Head
Chapter 343: The Spirit-Gather Goldfish’s Second Bloodline Stimulation
Chapter 342: With the Bloodlines of the Dragon and Phoenix, The Eternal Mountain and Rivers Are Settled
Chapter 341: Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carps’ Evolution
Chapter 340: A Different Lustrous-Winged Butterfly
Chapter 339: The Superiority of Lin Yuan’s Faction
Chapter 338: Come to the Royal Capital
Chapter 337: The Chance to Fully Pledge Allegiance
Chapter 336: Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 335: Listen With a Hidden Meaning
Chapter 334: Fate Letter
Chapter 333: Faction Territory
Chapter 332: Oath Lily of the Valley
Chapter 331: Eating Other Factions Like Crabs
Chapter 330: Born to Belong to the Horizon
Chapter 329: Legend Wood Weaving House Centipede
Chapter 328: Three Treasures Tea
Chapter 327: How Can You Fish Out Real Gold Without Creating Huge Waves?
Chapter 326: New Sequence Exam
Chapter 325: Pitiful Little Fellow
Chapter 324: Dragon’s Mouth Orchid
Chapter 323: Listen’s Plead
Chapter 322: Celestial 1-Star
Chapter 321: Wen Yu Who Took Over The Five Others’ Resources
Chapter 320: The Mansion’s New Member
Chapter 319: Quasi-Class 5 Spirit Craftsman
Chapter 318: Don’t Let It Become a Mountain That Touches to the Ground
Chapter 317: Jade Hairpin Nine-Petaled Plum Blossom
Chapter 316: The Cruel Fey Storage Box
Chapter 315: Everything for the Bootlicker
Chapter 314: Exclusive Skill, Wither Glory
Chapter 313: The Swelling Mouth of Relinquish
Chapter 312: Red Thorn’s Three Paths
Chapter 311: Totem Moon Hanging High for Three Days
Chapter 310: Endless Summer’s Enlightenment
Chapter 309: Law Crystal
Chapter 308: Repayment With Life
Chapter 307: Body Weaponization
Chapter 306: Fallen Myth
Chapter 305: A Change of Color in the World
Chapter 304: I Couldn’t Win You Even if I Didn’t Sneak Attack You
Chapter 303: Grus Feys
Chapter 302: Should Be Good If You Make Them Into Soup
Chapter 301: Third Page Eternal Sin
Chapter 300: Red Thorn’s Fated Opportunity to Upgrade into a Fantasy Breed
Chapter 299: Scorching Elemental Shellfish Settled
Chapter 298: Lin Yuan’s Network of Connections
Chapter 297: Lin Yuan Arguing With Himself
Chapter 296: Gains From the Blind Trade
Chapter 295: The Cocoon of Evolution! The Chance for Liu Jie’s Metamorphosis!
Chapter 294: The Bone Crusher, Mother of Bloodbath
Chapter 293: The Choice of Members
Chapter 292: Brown Bone Flame
Chapter 291: Blind Trade
Chapter 290: Plan to Forge an Iron Bucket Sister 3.0
Chapter 289: Chimey’s Worries
Chapter 288: The Two Items on the Table
Chapter 287: The Wronged Acid Corrosion Queen Bee
Chapter 286: Red Thorn in Hibernation Again
Chapter 285: Emperor-Class and Myth Breed Are Not Qualified Yet
Chapter 284: The Sad Chanter Crow
Chapter 283: Zhao Xiaochun With a Clear Conscience
Chapter 282: A Freak, Long Tao
Chapter 281: The Web of Redemption Woven by the Source Sand
Chapter 280: Temporary Squad Formation
Chapter 279: The Sudden Sea of Demons
Chapter 278: Don’t Let Him Taste the Sweet Delights
Chapter 277: Real, Working Emperor!
Chapter 276: The Protection of the Blue Thunder
Chapter 275: Silent Thunder Armored Crocodile
Chapter 274: Sequence #6 Thunderstorm Feast (3/3)
Chapter 273: Phoenix Perching Chinese Parasol Tree (2/3)
Chapter 272: The Bottomline of Chimey’s Mutation Again (1/3)
Chapter 271: Epiphany! Twin Red Pagoda’s Salvation!
Chapter 270: The Strange Object In the Disc
Chapter 269: Twin Red Pagoda and Disk
Chapter 268: Four Wings of Protection
Chapter 267: The Presence of a Suzerain/Myth Fey
Chapter 266: Dragon Gate’s Appearance
Chapter 265: The Dark Federation’s Signature Fey
Chapter 264: Lifeform Sacrificial Fire
Chapter 263: The Green Flaming Light That Burst Toward the Sky
Chapter 262: First Battle, Powerful Source Sand
Chapter 261: Strange Middle-Aged Man
Chapter 260: Special Flames
Chapter 259: Five Major Types of Dimensional Rifts
Chapter 258: Incubating the Floating Island Whale and Adventure
Chapter 257: The Fey That Makes All Creation Master Crazy, Flower Brocade Pearls
Chapter 256: Adjusting the Spirit Lock Spatial Zone
Chapter 255: The Beginning of Lin Yuan’s Faction
Chapter 254: Nothing in This World Can Touch You
Chapter 253: It’s Too Hard for Me
Chapter 252: Elemental Shellfish
Chapter 251: Floating Island Whale
Chapter 250: Gao Feng Who Is Completely Shocked by the Luxuriousness
Chapter 249: Mutation, Yellow Spring Lily
Chapter 248: Uttermost Flaunting
Chapter 247: Island Whale
Chapter 246: Little Yuan Is Going to Be My Junior Brother?
Chapter 245: The First Toolman
Chapter 244: The Future Will Be Written by You
Chapter 243: Radiance Sacred Hall
Chapter 242: Really Fastidious
Chapter 241: Black and White
Chapter 240: Four Wings on The Back
Chapter 239: Day and Night Spirit Silver
Chapter 238: Gold/Fantasy Breed Source Sand
Chapter 237: The Source Sand’s Request
Chapter 236: Myth II and Unexpected Joy
Chapter 235: Feeling Moved For Not Abandoning
Chapter 234: The Goblet of Bloodbath
Chapter 233: The Mother of Bloodbath’s Mutation
Chapter 232: The Radiance Hundred Sequence Is Shady
Chapter 231: Hehe, I’m Black
Chapter 230: Why Did You Call Me?
Chapter 229: Breaking All Laws With One Force
Chapter 228: The Twilight Starbird With the Willpower of the Sun
Chapter 227: Illusory Mist Western Jackdaw and Poison-Weaving Dark Spider
Chapter 226: Dumbstruck Liu Jie
Chapter 225: He Called You Auntie Because He Is Rather Young
Chapter 224: You Are Black?
Chapter 223: Second Celestial Stairway Promotion Duel
Chapter 222: Fantasy Breed’s Two Exclusive Skills
Chapter 221: Source Sand Upgrading to Fantasy Breed
Chapter 220: Flaring Sand, Proliferation Sand, Sand Control
Chapter 219: Source-type Item, Source Sand
Chapter 218: It Can Be More Expensive
Chapter 217: Truly a Quick-Witted Brat
Chapter 216: Not Enough to Trade
Chapter 215: Unconventional Bidding
Chapter 214: Harsh Contract Conditions
Chapter 213: The Mother of Bloodbath’s Request
Chapter 212: Wave Halberd Killer Whale
Chapter 211: Mist-Concealed Mamba
Chapter 210: Morbius in Complete State
Chapter 209: Smitten Freak
Chapter 208: Evil Zhao Xiaochun
Chapter 207: A Dazzling Youth
Chapter 206: Flame Veined Dragonfly
Chapter 205: A Chance
Chapter 204: Two Frauds
Chapter 203: Victory, Victory, Victory
Chapter 202: Blasted Shoulder
Chapter 201: Radiance Dollars Warrior
Chapter 200: Black, You’ve Been Fooled
Chapter 199: Smooth-Toothed Elephant Lizard and Huge-Tailed Swamp Lizard
Chapter 198: A Duel
Chapter 197: Source-Type Lifeform Earth Rush Golden Lotus
Chapter 196: Crane Shadowed Censer
Chapter 195: How Pretentious
Chapter 194: Lin Yuan’s Anguish
Chapter 193: Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carp
Chapter 192: This Thing Is a Little Too Valuable
Chapter 191: Refusing to Accept Any Messages From Others
Chapter 190: Black’s Terrifying Talent
Chapter 189: An Undesirable Man
Chapter 188: White Jade Snow Orchid
Chapter 187: Aggrieved Fang Duoduo
Chapter 186: The Bloody Flowers in the Sea of Flowers
Chapter 185: Shooting Up to the First Place Out of Nowhere
Chapter 184: Protect Your Liver Well
Chapter 183: I Admit That You Are a Fan of Black
Chapter 182: Ostrich Guild Club
Chapter 181: A Feeling as Though Life Is at the Pinnacle
Chapter 180: Zhou Jiaxin Has Something to Say
Chapter 179: The Purchase With No Loss Store’s Fan Club
Chapter 178: Have No Choice but to Raise a Leech
Chapter 177: Agarwood Like a Fixed Stone
Chapter 176: The Consecutively Shocked Liu Jie
Chapter 175: The Meaning of Extravagant?
Chapter 174: The Bamboo Path Leads to a Secluded Spot, and the Stream Into the Deep Valley
Chapter 173: The Twilight Starbird
Chapter 172: The Stars in the Clouds Appear at Dawn!
Chapter 171: The Acid Corrosion Queen Bee’s Cruel Aesthetics
Chapter 170: Bootlicking Acid Corrosion Queen Bee!
Chapter 169: And Faith!
Chapter 168: Cruel Wen Yu and the Bullied Flat-Top Man
Chapter 167: Parents’ Love For Their Children
Chapter 166: Why Can Frogs Fly?
Chapter 165: Why Did She Grow a Mouth?
Chapter 164: Picking a Spirit Attendant
Chapter 163: Complementing Combination
Chapter 162: Heart of Insect Swarm
Chapter 161: Congratulations! It Hasn’t Been Healed!
Chapter 160: Little Frog Findings Its Mother
Chapter 159: Spirit Food Pavilion
Chapter 158: Everything Is For Being Rougher
Chapter 157: The Rising Masstone in the Greenish-Black Halo
Chapter 156: Legend Sharp Iron Horn Bull
Chapter 155: Fantasy Breed Choice
Chapter 154: Our Daughter Has Grown Up
Chapter 153: Ice in a Jade Kettle
Chapter 152: Plan to Forge an Iron Bucket Sister
Chapter 151: Advantage of Rapid Evolution
Chapter 150: Acid Corrosion Queen Bee
Chapter 149: Come, Keyboard! The Birth of Ancestor Peace Berserker!
Chapter 148: He Had Always Been Unfettered
Chapter 147: Quality Upgrade
Chapter 146: The Puzzled Handsome Young Man
Chapter 145: Miracle at Millstone Town
Chapter 144: Severed Arm
Chapter 143: Lin Yuan’s Solo Kill
Chapter 142: The Battle Between the Sea of Flowers and the Insect Tide
Chapter 141: The Sea of Flowers Eating The Insects
Chapter 140: The Insect’s Butthole
Chapter 139: Hippopotamus Affinity?
Chapter 138: Cat Transformation
Chapter 137: Heart-Penetrating Ironline
Chapter 136: Wearing Pinru’s Clothes
Chapter 135: Five People Going to The Battle
Chapter 134: A New Dormant Red Thorn
Chapter 133: This Punch Is Strong Enough
Chapter 132: Alien Insect’s Descent
Chapter 131: Cracked Sky
Chapter 130: I’ve Been Superior Since a Young Age
Chapter 129: Officially Joining
Chapter 128: Sudden Change in Attitude
Chapter 127: Spitting Turtledove
Chapter 126: You Cannot
Chapter 125: Guild Alliance and the S Tournament
Chapter 124: Not Even in The Sin Cleansing Pool
Chapter 123: A Healing Ability Can Actually Be A Control Ability
Chapter 122: Evolving to Fantasy Breed
Chapter 121: Upgrading to Legend
Chapter 120: Path of Original Intention
Chapter 119: Law Rune
Chapter 118: Mother of Bloodbath
Chapter 117: When a Fox Has Seven Tails
Chapter 116: Path Protector
Chapter 115: Scale Powder Halo
Chapter 114: The Legendary Blue Flash Purple Butterfly
Chapter 113: Transformation of Attitude
Chapter 112: Greatest Leniency
Chapter 111: Moonlight Flare
Chapter 110: Cold Moon Lone Disk
Chapter 109: How Dare You!?
Chapter 108: Sudden Ambush
Chapter 107: Corrosive Petals
Chapter 106: Road of Redemption
Chapter 105: Immeasurable Importance
Chapter 104: Kicked
Chapter 103: Feast for the Eyes?
Chapter 102: Plans for Departure
Chapter 101: Radiance Envoy
Chapter 100: Cleansing All the Impurities and Transforming
Chapter 99: Master and Disciple
Chapter 98: The Perturbed Moon Empress
Chapter 97: Ironman Triathlon
Chapter 96: Doesn’t Dare to Be Presumptuous, but It Still Happened
Chapter 95: Source-Type Lifeform, Spine Gu
Chapter 94: Cold Moon’s Style of Protection
Chapter 93: The Result is Evident
Chapter 92: In the Name of Cretaceous
Chapter 91: Apex Battle Between the Youth Generations
Chapter 90: Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia
Chapter 89: An Important Person
Chapter 88: Sequence #3, Overflowing Sea, Long Tao
Chapter 87: Fantasy, Five Transformations
Chapter 86: Blue Jade Pegasus
Chapter 85: Who Can Compare to This Empress?
Chapter 84: Surprisingly Important
Chapter 83: Wind Speed Rapid Antelope
Chapter 82: Plans for the Royal Capital
Chapter 81: A Reborn Liu Jie
Chapter 80: First Portion of Resource
Chapter 79: Cinnabar Osmanthus Haworthia
Chapter 78: Cinnabar Sweet Osmanthus
Chapter 77: Sword Horn Speed Antelope
Chapter 76: Evolved Red Thorn
Chapter 75: The First Retainer Knight
Chapter 74: Sequence #39
Chapter 73: Insect Queen
Chapter 72: A Near-Death Source-Type Lifeform
Chapter 71: Rare Lifeform Pavilion’s Commotion
Chapter 70: Class 2 Creation Master
Chapter 69: A Fey’s Gratitude
Chapter 68: Ling Xiao
Chapter 67: Class 1 Exam
Chapter 66: Mishaps
Chapter 65: Butterfly Cocoons
Chapter 64: Redbud City’s Rare Lifeform Pavilion
Chapter 63: As an Elder Brother
Chapter 62: Spiral-Toothed Shark
Chapter 61: Guidance
Chapter 60: An Answer
Chapter 59: A Problem
Chapter 58: Creation Master Association
Chapter 57: Lord Ranger
Chapter 56: Zhou Jiaxin’s Thoughts
Chapter 55: Five Fortune Ranchu
Chapter 54: Pure Land of Bliss
Chapter 53: Spirit-Gather Goldfish
Chapter 52: Victory
Chapter 51: Duels When Climbing the Tower
Chapter 50: Streamcloud Azure Bird
Chapter 49: Thousand Questions Beast
Chapter 48: Mouth of Relinquish
Chapter 47: Red Thorn
Chapter 46: A Pack of Wolves Hunting
Chapter 45: Source Seed
Chapter 44: Spirit Guards
Chapter 43: Make Itself Better for Consumption
Chapter 42: Revival Soil
Chapter 41: A Surprising Customer
Chapter 40: The Importance of Connections
Chapter 39: Ah Neng
Chapter 38: Sparrow Voice Loli Goddess
Chapter 37: Changes to the Spirit Lock Spatial Zone
Chapter 36: Disaster Swallowtail Butterfly
Chapter 35: Clash of Sequences
Chapter 34: Thin Dragon-Species Bloodline
Chapter 33: Spirit-Siphon Goldfish
Chapter 32: First Customer
Chapter 31: Star Web Store
Chapter 30: Dawn
Chapter 29: Breaking Through to Become a D-Rank Spirit Qi Professional
Chapter 28: Trade Completed
Chapter 27: Morbius’ Evolution
Chapter 26: You Shall Be the One
Chapter 25: Qualification for Radiance Hundred
Chapter 24: Change
Chapter 23: Willpower Runes
Chapter 22: Moon Empress
Chapter 21: Evolving Back to Ancestry Line
Chapter 20: A Huge Business
Chapter 19: Creation Master Behind the Scenes
Chapter 18: Bronze Crowned Fire Salamander
Chapter 17: Sharp Rock Bull
Chapter 16: Web-Spraying Spider
Chapter 15: The Side Effects of Calm Mind
Chapter 14: The Doctor Said I Had a Weak Stomach
Chapter 13: Master, You Are Incredible
Chapter 12: Irascible Teacher Bao
Chapter 11: Elder Brother and Younger Sister
Chapter 10: Mellow Singing
Chapter 9: Timely Ability
Chapter 8: Overall Upgrade
Chapter 7: Sudden Evolution
Chapter 6: Fantasy Breed That Is Severely Injured
Chapter 5: Clear Pond Carp
Chapter 4: Exclusive Skill
Chapter 3: Morbius
Chapter 2: Copper Bracelet
Chapter 1: Hundred Questions Beast and Sound Bird